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Our AMW clutch facings are wire woven facings bonded with irreversible and infusible oil modified synthetic resin, formulated to impart optimum friction values at elevated temperatures The grade has high fade resistance and minimum wear rate. The facings have high rivet holding capacity and is suitable for heavy applications like Power Presses, Drilling rigs, Oil Field Equipments and other Industrial plant and machinery.



Our DMF clutch facings is a rigid moulding grade of friction material incorporated with soft metal powders like Brass chips and friction modifiers, bonded with heat resistant resin. It has a very good resistance to fade and a low wear rate. This grade is suited medium co-efficient used for both light and heavy-duty clutch applications.


DMF- Geared teeth type

DMF grade liners are offered in gear cut Teeth shape. This size contains gear cut on the circumference and is used in multiplate clutches.

DMF grade available in Black & Red colour

Size range:
Outer dia 40 – 500 mm
Inner Dia 12 – 300 mm
Thickness 1 – 20 mm